A Series of Couplets: Inspired by The Office

By Allyson Vaughan, Becca Naylor

A series of bad couplets for fans of The Office….


So hard is my pencil’s lead/That’s what she said

So large is my love for Jim/ not a soul could call it slim…that’s also what she said


The fury of Sir Dwight/ we shall all feel his smite

Who is that Creed/ and what of his murderous deed?

All we know of Kevin/is that cookies are his heaven


The Nard Dog is Sir Andy/His bowties make him dandy

Angela the rude prude/ is never heard being crude

Andy’s exclusion from the Club of Finer Things/is the ultimate sting

Pam and Roy’s long engagement/ influenced her and Jim’s estrangement

And so Jim found solace in Karen/ but we all knew his love for her was barren

Then Karen went back to Stamford/ until corporate a promotion gave her

Remember the time when Jan/took her assistant by the hand to make him a man?giphy-2.gif

(All Gifs from Google Images, Header Photo original photograph)


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